October 31, 2018

Bible Study



A survey of 500 Sunday School Children in the Coptic Orthodox Church revealed that over 60% do NOT read the Holy Bible on a regular basis. What is more shocking that in high school and above, this number increases to 90%! When examined further, we discovered several reasons WHY our children do not read the Bible. Three of the most common reasons for this were:
1. Children did not dedicate a daily time to read.
2. Children did not find the Bible easy to understand, which reduced their motivation to continue to read.
3. Children lacked the means and ability to apply the messages of the Bible to their lives.

To solve these three primary problems of time, comprehension and relevance, this Bible Study Program was designed with three primary goals. such that our children would (1) read the Bible every day, (2) understand what they are reading, especially in the context of the Church Fathers and the liturgical life, and (3) they would apply the stories and messages to their daily lives. With such a program, it is our hope they would love the Bible and develop a deep, meaningful relationship that would last throughout their lives.

This world-wide program is not only used in the Diocese of Los Angeles, but also used in Washington D.C., Florida, Canada, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.


This dynamic program contains
* personal leather Holy Bible with large font.
* Workbook for daily readings assignments, homework, verses to memorize, and activities.
* Personal passport for rewarding system
* Pencil case, highlighter
* Personal bag with Bible Study Logo to place all of the above, including the gifts they receive throughout the program.
* Servant reference notes based on the writings of Fr. Tadros Yacoub Malaty

PANORAMIC VIEW OF THE BIBLE in 110 weeks (49 weeks for Old Testament, and 61 weeks for New Testament). Afterwards, children begin with verse by verse explanation, starting with the Gospel according to St. Luke.


Below you will find a list of sample materials that have proven to be useful ways in encouraging children to read their Bible consistantly.

Sample Materials



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